Church Life

Life Groups

This year Life Groups at Marineview will be cycling through some variation of the following types of gatherings. Check with a Life Group leader to learn about the rhythm cycle of the group you’re hoping to attend. If you’re interested in joining a group, please talk to or e-mail vania at

UPWARD: On upward weeks the focus will be on nurturing our relationship to God and others through spending time together doing things like bible study, and prayer.

OUTWARD: On outward weeks, our focus will be on seeking ways to love our neighbours, and be a blessing to the neighborhood, either in the vicinity of the church or the location of the small groups. During this week, a group might get together, to visit a senior’s home, do some cleaning in the neighborhood, write some thank-you letters, do a neighborhood prayer walk, help out at a soup kitchen etc…. Occasionally a small group might use this week to care for neighbours overseas, and write encouragement letter to missionaries, or engage in a long-distance project.

INWARD: On inward weeks, our life groups will take time to hear each other’s stories. During this week of the month, two members of the small group will have an opportunity to share for 20-30 minutes uninterrupted. They are welcome to share an overview of their story or some other occasion they choose, like something they have been going through in the last 6 months or couple years. The time will end by group members praying for those who have shared.

WITHWARD: On withward weeks, members meet together to celebrate each other and life. At gatherings like these a variety of things can happen like food and celebration, a walk in the park, a games night, or strawberry picking. Neighbours and friends will be welcome on these occasions where we’ll be able to practice using the gift of hospitality.


Al and Caulene Bussard – encouraging micro-enterprises primarily in Slovakia and Tanzania

Emil and Doreen Kvick – serving at-risk young adults in the Philippines

A couple in a restricted access country – focused on community development

Anvil Island – summer youth camp in Howe Sound

Hope for the Nations – orphanages and other projects in Liberia


Marineview Chapel Society is a Charitable Organization registered with the Government of Canada and affiliated with the Canadian Council of Christian Charities (CCCC). We are grateful to receive donations supporting our ministries in Vancouver and overseas as you respond to God's call on your heart.

Donations to the "General Fund" make possible the core ministries of our fellowship. You may also designate your donation to "Missions," or a specific ministry or ministry project. Details on current designations may be obtained by emailing

Sharing the resources which God has entrusted to us is part of faithful Christian living. Regular donations help us to better meet our ongoing ministry commitments.

By Cheque

Donations may be mailed to the church at 4000 W 41st Ave., Vancouver, BC, V6N 3G2, or made in person on Sunday mornings. Tax receipts will be mailed to the address on the cheque or envelope at year end.

By Credit Card Online

We are also able to receive donations online through This method is helpful for people who don't use cheques, or donors who wish to set up regular automatic donations. issues tax receipts immediately to the donor.

Please note that 3.9% of donations made through remains with your credit card company. For example, a $100 donation will result in $96.10 being received by Marineview Chapel. For this reason, we suggest that larger, one-time donations still be made directly by cheque.

Thank you for your faithfulness and generous support of the Lord's work at Marineview Chapel.